On Winning US National Track Championship

US National Masters Team Sprint Podium

Coaching Found When Cross-Eyed

This all dated back 2.5 years ago. I attended Coach Lee Povey’s endurance clinic at Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose, California. At that point, I had merely been riding track for 3 months, after a two-decade hiatus from collegiate road racing. Making a comeback was rarely easy. I had given myself 5 years to compete at a national championship, which I narrowly missed in college, thanks to my total lack of climbing talents.

Lee paid no attention to my Abdoujaparov-like physique and promptly prescribed the group two reps of Russian Ladders, followed by one rep of Laps to Destruction. We survived the efforts, some better than others. Still cross-eyed, I stayed after the session to sign up for Lee’s coaching program.

Rapid-Fire USAC Upgrades

The initial program was gradual but progressed rapidly. Results came just as rapidly. Within one season, I gathered enough USA Cycling upgrade points to shoot from Cat 5 to Cat 2, mostly through stealing points in Win-and-Out and scratch races as well as surviving points races. Lee’s instant post-race analysis. accelerated the learning curve remarkably.

Sock Game and Squats

After a successful season, Lee suggested giving sprinting an honest try during our annual goal-setting session. I walked away with a personalized, sprint-focused training program, based on my personal strengths and workload. Gym work was at first tough. I enjoyed the great outdoor, not the sweaty benches, but quickly learned tricks to entertain myself. Sock game was among my favorite pastimes.

It’s Raining, Men!

Fast forward to 2015. It has been a monumental season. Not only did I attend my second national championship, I was lucky enough to snatch my first ever Stars & Stripes title doing team sprints with my training/carpooling/sealion-ing/hoteling mates, Ethan and Mark (collectively known as It’s Raining, Men!).

None of this would have happened without Coach Lee. His deep knowledge, unwavering dedication to track cycling, and superhuman patience has elevated, especially track sprinting, to a level unseen in the United States. The results speak for themselves.

The day Lee prescribed my first Russian Ladders and Laps to Destructions was pivotal. Little did I know that I would join a close-knit group of like-minded cyclists pursuing the same dreams. And we banter like sisters!