Exporting Data from Golden Cheetah

Sharing Golden Cheetah Files – Part 1

Golden Cheetah offers a number of ways to export your power files. From Strava and TrainingPeaks to Dropbox and Cycling Analytics, you can readily share your processed power files with ease. Admittedly, I often run into issues connecting to those services consistently.

The most reliable fallback is to export the files and share those via email or cloud file sharing services (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive). This is more manual but almost guaranteed to work most of the time!

In this article, we will exclusively focus on exporting files. These can then be shared with other data-hungry cycling friends, Golden Cheetah users, and most importantly, your coaches! Stay tuned for follow-up articles on other advanced sharing features.

Activity > Export

The export dialog pops out and is straightforward. The only tricky bit is to select the correct file extension during EVERY export. The program, annoyingly, does not remember your preference and always defaults to .CSV. Hope this will get rectified in near future.

If your recipients use Golden Cheetah, pick .GC. For TrainingPeaks, pick .PWX. Then name the file in a logical and considerate way. The receiving end may very well be processing a large number of files, let’s make their jobs easier. For instance, klo_2017_08_18_rollers_84.gc is descriptive enough a file name that even my beloved coach, Lee Povey, would approve!


  1. Click on Activity > Export
  2. Select correct file extension
  3. Name the file appropriately (e.g. name, date, workout, gear inches)