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How to Maximize Explosive Power with Plyometrics

Plyometrics is often used to develop explosive power and athleticism. Three jump exercises, from basic to advanced, will be demonstrated. Start incorporating these exercises and you will soon see power improvements.

Best Aero Helmets for Time Trailing


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A few of my relatives have asked for an article in Chinese. This is a condensed version of my journey as a masters track racer.

5th Annual HarryLeeUs Memorial Race p/b FastKadence

Event –  Mar 23, 2019, 12:30pm-5:30pm   Registration Mar 23, 2019. Registration 12:30pm-1pm. Racing starts at 1:30pm. Track bikes only; no brakes or rentals allowed. Donations/Sponsorships All proceeds and donations go to the Hellyer Velodrome Junior’s Program. For donation/sponsorship information, please contact us for additional info. Events (Subject to Changes) Scratch, Elimination, HarryLeeUs Crawl, Points Race.… Read More »5th Annual HarryLeeUs Memorial Race p/b FastKadence

Masters Track National 2018 Team Sprint

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In 2018, I was incredibly fortunate to win another team sprint national title. Team Rice-A-Roni fought hard and brought home gold medals from Trexlertown.

Exporting Data from Golden Cheetah

Sharing Golden Cheetah Files – Part 1 Golden Cheetah offers a number of ways to export your power files. From Strava and TrainingPeaks to Dropbox and Cycling Analytics, you can readily share your processed power files with ease. Admittedly, I often run into issues connecting to those services consistently. The most reliable fallback is to… Read More »Exporting Data from Golden Cheetah

3rd Annual HarryLeeUs Memorial Race & Champion Homecoming b/p FastKadence

Event –  Feb 4, 2017, Noon-5pm     Gates at Noon (following the beginner Saturday session). Racing starts at 1pm. Track bikes only; no brakes allowed. Donations/Sponsorships All proceeds go to the Harry Lee Juniors Program and are generously matched up to $1,000 by the Lee family. For donation/sponsorship package, please contact us for additional info. Events… Read More »3rd Annual HarryLeeUs Memorial Race & Champion Homecoming b/p FastKadence

Customizing Metrics in GoldenCheetah

Which Metrics Go Where?  GoldenCheetah allows you to customize various metrics (aka data fields) to be displayed or hidden. Depending on training objectives and equipment types (power meter, cadence/speed sensors), you may wish to customize the data field visibility. It is not apparent to many where this data is shown. This quick tutorial, based on… Read More »Customizing Metrics in GoldenCheetah

Elimination - Laura Trott

How to Race Elimination

Elimination Primer Elimination racing is extremely exciting and entertaining. Usually contested as part of omnium, you encounter these races often as a standard endurance/upgrade racing event. Unpredictable, fast, and lots of  maneuvering, elimination (aka Miss-and-Out or Devil Take the Hindmost) is a crowd favorite. Format Usually the lap count equals the the number of racers. At the… Read More »How to Race Elimination